Best SAT Prep Book

SAT books and prep companies come and go. Some companies like Kaplan and Princeton Review, seem to have been around for ever. Others rise up and flame out in a year or two. The same is true about books for the SAT. There are some classic publishers like Barron’s, but every year brings more players in the game. There are also alot of SAT tutors around at any one given time, whetehr in the States or abroad. Some are professionals in the field for decades, but most are just high school or college students who are good at the SAT and spend a year or two teaching pupils for side money while they finish their own studies.

Thus, most SAT preparation providers don’t last very long. Most don’t deserve to. They teach all the same preparation methods, and most of their students don’t see any improvement. A few years in this field will prove that to anyone.

But some SAT prep teachers do survive in the industry. They build a following of satisfied clients who spread their reputations far and wide. But most people will never hear of them. Why? Because they get hundreds or thousands of dollars for every hour they spend tutoring you. Most people simply can’t afford these kinds of tutors.

Mike Barrett is one of those top level tutors. He claims to work with people from all over the world. He charges more for an hour of preparation than most people would pay for an entire SAT course. Alot of people used to wonder what Mr. Barrett was teaching his SAT students. Now Mr. Barrett has done a tell-all SAT book that explains his entire SAT philosophy.

best SAT prep book

Best SAT Prep Book


The Best SAT Preparation: Available For You?

After the uniquely proprietary approach to the SAT that this book will teach you, the best thing about this new SAT book is that it costs comparatively little. At the moment it is available on Junglee for 765, or on for $13.61.

Here is the link to buy the book from Junglee for those in India.

Here is the link to for those in the States.

This is a video from Mr. Barrett’s publisher on the new book.